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Gametime01 Payment Policy 

Last updated: (12/01/2020) 



Payment Policy - Automatic Payments

You authorize the GAMETIME01 to charge Your account in the amount of Your Subscription program per GAMETIME01 pricing; on the scheduled interval You have selected (3 months, 6 months, or 12 months). This charge could appear on Your credit card statement as early as the 15th of the month prior to the due date. When You sign up for Your Subscription program , automatic recurring payments are required for three-month programs. For six and twelve-month programs, the default setting for payment is automatic recurring charged to Your credit card; however You may choose to opt out of automatic payments for six and twelve-month rentals in favor of one-time manual payments You could make for the interval You have chosen.

You understand that You will receive email notification at least 10 days prior to the actual payment charge. If not cancelled by the 15th of the month prior to the next payment due date, the payment will be charged to Your credit card.

You understand that if the payment cannot be transacted due to incorrect or obsolete payment information, or the transaction would exceed the credit limit of the account, or the bank or credit card company rejects/returns the payment request, this could result in closure of the GAMETIME01 account.  If Your GAMETIME01 account is closed for nonpayment, You understand that You could be charged a fee in order to reactivate subscription service.

You agree to update Your online profile information (i.e. address, email, or phone number) on if there are any changes. You agree to update Your bank or credit card account information (card number, billing address, expiration date, etc.) on if there are any changes.

You understand that this Agreement will remain in effect until You or GAMETIME01 terminates the relationship. GAMETIME01 may receive updated credit card account information from the institution that issued the card identified for payment.

If You want to close Your GAMETIME01 account, You can do so through or mail us at p.o. box 970103 Coconut creek, FL 33097. GAMETIME01 may terminate Your participation under this automatic payment option in the event You provide incorrect, false or fraudulent account information or if You have any returned payment items.


If You have created your Gametime01 profile for Your Gametime01 Account, then Your Gametime01 Account is an Inactive Account (V status), and the following refund rules apply: (1) Before the deadline to activate the Account (30 days from the online reservation), You can choose to close Your account and receive a refund online. In such instances, You will receive a full refund; (2) After the deadline to activate Your Gametime01 Account, Gametime01 issues an automatic full refund and closes the account for three, six, and twelve-month payment period Gametime01 Accounts .

You acknowledge and agree that if You have created a Gametime01 profile to activate Gametime01 Account, then Your Gametime01 Account is an Active Gametime01 Account (R status), and the following refund rules apply:

  • There is no refund if You choose to close a three-month payment period Gametime01 Account;

  • If You choose to close and seek a refund for a six-month payment period Gametime01 Account within the first three months You will receive a 50% refund; but after the commencement of the fourth month You will receive no refund.

  • If You choose to close and seek a refund for a twelve-month payment period Gametime01 Account within the first 3 months You will receive a 75% refund; during months four through six You will receive a 50% refund; during months six through nine You will receive a 25% refund; but after the beginning of 10th month You will receive no refund.

If have linked a Gametime01 online profile that was originally purchased at a retail location, and You have not yet paid for that Gametime01 Account online, then You are not eligible for an online refund to be applied to Your original in-person Retail location payment method. In such instances, You may seek a partial refund at Your Retail location for an active Gametime01 Account as determined by the rules above. 



Associated Fees

You acknowledge and agree that an annual enrollment fee is required, and a Subscription fee is charged for each training module and/or package requested and received by You through the Service. The Service is available Monday through Saturday. Email notifications are sent regarding program updates or when there is no program that month. You agree to pay an annual enrollment fee to establish the Service. The enrollment fee is refundable only if the request is denied. The annual enrollment and subscription fees are paid using a credit  or debit card for an /individual account or a profile. You acknowledge and agree that You are charged for each training module and/or package that corresponds with your subscription. The Service will commence approximately one week after enrollment after a confirmation of eligibility to participate in the Service is performed.




You may apply for a refund online at: if You have signed up for the Service online. THE ENROLLMENT FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE. However, refunds are available for some instances of non-performance. Restrictions may apply.





GAMETIME01’s performance of this Agreement is subject to existing laws and legal processes, and nothing contained in this Agreement is in derogation of GAMETIME01’s's right to comply with governmental, court and law enforcement requests or requirements relating to Your purchase of GAMETIME01’s products and services or information provided to or gathered by the Digital Service with respect to such use.

While the rules and processes that the Digital Service and You have agreed to that are related to disputes of any credit card company’s actions remain applicable to your purchase of GAMETIME01 products or services, any actions taken outside these rules and processes shall be brought in Federal Court. In such instances, United States Federal Law shall apply.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the User and GAMETIME01 with respect to the payments made for GAMETIME01 products or services at checkout, and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between the User and GAMETIME01 with respect to this purchase excepting any terms and condition You may have agreed to when signing up for or making a purchase for specific GAMETIME01 products and services. A printed version of this Agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings, which shall include any actions or challenges regarding the Card Rules applied at the time of purchase based upon or relating to this Agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

Updated: 11/20/2020

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